in Authoritative opinion

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of mankind. We seek Allah to protect us from the evil of shaitan and our souls. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.


Assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuh!


The events of recent years have extremely changed the consciousness among Muslims. The values that we got from last scholars and mujahids, from the guardians of ummah have lost their importance because of media propaganda. Superficial thinking replaced the love of knowledge and books of Muslim scholars.

It’s already in the past when a little group of mujahid brothers could strike fear into the hearts of millions. They understood responsibility that lies with them and they understood which thing is primary and which is secondary. And Allah gave them great results.

Today we do much less, because the correct assessment of the current situation is considered a waste of time. It’s enough to make a video message against the black flag and attack the first police officer with a knife to get shahada. We do not solve any of the key issues of Muslims, on the contrary, we aggravate the situation of Muslims and oppress their freedoms. Those who spread such ideas don’t clarify the conditions of jihad fardul ain and fardul kefayah. We can’t wish to get shahadah while Muslims’ territories are occupied and people there can’t practice Islam completely. That is because this is wajib for Muslims to clear territories from tagut and construct shariah government. So wishing shahadah is great during jihad fardul kefayah.

Misunderstanding what our Creator wants from us in definite situation, wrong using hadiths and ayats from the Quran make contrar result. And unbelievers celebrate killing “radical muslim” and start a new campaign of repression against all of his relatives. This also becomes a pretext for surveillance and control of the personal life of any person, who might be dangerous for their system of kufr. These all are special mechanisms to identify and provoke the young generation of mujahids. So they would be able to destroy any starting of jihad without letting it grow into a really dangerous and meaningful thing.

My message is addressed to youth of the whole world. You’re our future, you’re those who will change history, the older generation has high hopes for you. Don’t follow your fast emotions! You have to make decisions by cold calculation. You should calculate all the benefits and consequences of your operation. In shariah a permitted thing becomes forbidden if it only brings harm to yourself and others.

Your value is much greater for Allah than all of these dirty armies, murtads, munafiqs. If some of you dies, he should bring so many benefits for Islam, so that kafirs become crazy because of the great fear about your mention even after your shahada. Sahabas did the same! If Allah says you to work hard on His path, you should take this mercy and realize the size of its value.

We should respect our older muslim scholars and mujahids, we should learn and take their lessons. You have us who started before you. We made mistakes, but always we had some people reminding, directing, giving advice. We remember you and we worry about you, we feel so sad about every lost young Muslim. You shouldn’t be fighting on your own, you’re not alone. We’re your brothers! We are ready for help you always.

These are such dangerous times, when you may be kidnapped or convicted of dissent in social media, of like or comment on Twitter or Facebook. Be careful on the Internet, study and follow the safety rules in social networks. You can find all this information free on the internet. Study and teach others. Any disobedience to the system with the right intention is jihad. Jihad is multifaceted, it’s not just fighting with guns. All we have to have is the right intention and sincerity to exalt the word of Allah.

Our main goal is turning back our society to the bosom of Islam and tauhid, not just killing a couple of murtads.

We also urge Islamic students not to be silent, to take active part in the fight against the system of taghut. There are many ways to do this, stop living by moments of waiting. Let’s prepare the whole Muslim society to the shariah and jihad together!

In the end we are doing dua for all Muslims around the world, for Muslims of Caucasus.We all are the one organism. Your pain is our pain, your joy and success are ours too. We hope you’ll hear our message, keep big patience on this difficult and long path. We hope you will become responsible for our religion, you’ll be a support for Muslims, a great group leading others, not led. Ameen!

In the end all the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of mankind.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.